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95 Pounds in 95 Weeks: 25% of Goal   Leave a comment

In this post I laid out my goal for losing 95 pounds in 95 weeks.  I am happy to report that I have surpassed the 25% mark on my journey.  One thing I have found helpful in my quest is that I have been posting weekly weigh-in updates every Thursday on my Facebook page.  The built-in accountability that comes with broadcasting weekly updates has been a very good motivating factor on my part.  Most weeks I do a “pre weigh-in” on Tuesday to see how I’m going and if I have gained a bit of weight or just not lost any, that gets me to really clamp down on my eating and exercise habits for the next 48 hours.

My biggest challenge continues to be ice cream.  My lap band is restrictive in nature, so I am forced into moderation of other high-carb foods I enjoy, such as pizza or french fries.  Ice cream, however, slides right through my band so it is the one food I have to really work hard at limiting.  The opening of a Comfy Cow just down the road isn’t going to make things any easier.

Still, I hope to be making my 50% goal post in another 18-20 weeks.



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Facebook Phishing   Leave a comment

I just got what I believe to be a bogus Facebook “Friend Request” from Bella Ramirez.  I don’t know any Bella Ramirez, though she supposedly went to both Bremen High School and Notre Dame.  If you want some insight into how my brain works, here it is:

  1. First thing I check when I receive a friend request and don’t recognize the name is look at mutual friends.  We have none.  Red Flag #1.  In fact, she has no friends listed at all.  Red Flag #2.
  2. I check out Bella’s timeline.  She joined Facebook 25 minutes ago.  Red Flag #3.  I mean, who sends out friend requests to people they don’t actually know less than an hour after joining?  I dig a little bit further into the timeline/profile.  Other than the aforementioned high school and college (which are lacking years, by the way), and that she is female and single, there are no interests, likes, favorites, etc.  Her profile photo is not of herself but of Notre Dame.  Oh, but she has managed to “subscribe” to me.  Nobody else, just me.  Red Flag #4.
  3. Now, Bremen is only 20 miles from Notre Dame, but it’s a pretty small school and there aren’t a lot of Bremen graduates who go on to Notre Dame.  Someone from Bremen who get in to Notre Dame is going to be pretty accomplished academically and in extra-curricular activities.  Yet a Google search for ‘Bella Ramirez Bremen’ produces nothing except a Brazilian woman discussing a German soccer team.  Red Flag #5.  I do a white pages search for the last name in Ramirez in Bremen and do find two listings, though neither lists Bella. 

So this seems like a certain phishing expedition to me.  I’m not sure if I should be creeped out that somebody is targeting me or flattered that somebody thinks I’m important enough to go to this much trouble to try and deceive me.  In either case, if you are on Facebook be on the lookout for stuff like this.

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Happy Lefthanders Day!   Leave a comment

I just now learned that August 13 is International Lefthanders Day.  As a lefty, I didn’t realize that we had our own special day, though not special enough to get out of coming to work or free meals or anything like that.  Maybe my left-handed son and I can throw a ball around the yard tonight to celebrate.

As for the lack of Olympics posts (or any posts in the past month for that matter), pretty much every conceivable angle there was on the Olympics has been blogged about.  I did watch a lot of Olympics like I always do, and am happy for all of the medal winners with Notre Dame and Hoosier connections.  I do promise extensive coverage of curling at the 2014 Winter Olympics, because curling is awesome.

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Happy Friday the 13th!   Leave a comment

Since the number thirteen is in the title of my blog, I suppose I should write about Friday the 13th.  As I mentioned in my very first post, I like the number thirteen mostly to be a contrarian.  I believe that 13 is lucky for me.  In the rare occasions when I play the lottery or roulette, I bet on 13.  The White Sox won the World Series with a manager wearing number 13.

Cubs fans:  The World Series is a series of baseball games that are played in October while you are busy watching the Bears.  A couple of those baseball teams that are routinely beating you from April to September earn enough wins to continue playing baseball in October.

So I believe that Friday the 13th is lucky for me, though just like most negative superstitions, my positive one really doesn’t have any evidence to support my claim.

Anybody have any superstitions about the number 13 or Friday the 13th?

Anybody ever have anything particularly good or bad happen on Friday the 13th?

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What Thirteen Forty-Two WILL NOT be about   Leave a comment

1) Trivial, mundane details of my life.  I’m not going to post just to fill space.  We all have a lot of days that are very routine and unexciting.  Certainly at the beginning I have a lot of stuff rolling around in my head that isn’t time-place specific that I could post about at any time, but eventually those things will get posted and I will try not to resort to posting about visits to the zoo, relatives (usually those two are separate things), or something I watched on TV unless there is actually a point to it.  That’s not to say that you will be interested in every post I make, because you aren’t interested in exactly the same things as me, but hopefully every post will have a point that connects with some people.

2) Criticisms of my employer/boss/co-workers. Mostly because this is a public blog that anybody can read and posting stuff like that could get me fired.  So if you came here specifically looking for dirt on people I work with/for or if you get some perverse enjoyment out of people ripping on their place of employment, you will be disappointed.  I won’t rule out some cleverly anonymous, passive-aggressive digs at people from work, though.

3) Religion, politics, and other hot-button issues.  This will be tough, because my faith and my political beliefs are a big part of who I am, but again this is a public blog that anybody can read, and people reading this might be a potential future co-worker, employer, customer, business partner, etc., and unfortunately, strong opinions on controversial issues are held against people all the time in our society.  If you know me personally, you’re welcome to connect with me on Facebook, where I am more than happy to share my thoughts on pretty much any subject, in an environment where I control who gets to see it.

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What Thirteen Forty-two WILL be about   Leave a comment

1) Me.  Not in a narcissistic way, but as opposed to a blog that is purely topical, it will be about my family, experiences, beliefs, opinions, and emotions.  However, it should be general enough that you don’t have to have known me for 10+ years, or even know me at all, to get something out of it.  While I would be thrilled to have both people I know and don’t know reading and interacting regularly, this is very much a (heavily edited) stream-of-consciousness blog and I will not be writing about specific topics just to acquire an audience.

2) Poker.  My favorite recreational activity, and as  realist I accept that it will probably never be more than a recreational activity.  Poker is a game of short-term luck but in the long-term, the more skilled players win the most.  You become more skilled by playing more often.  With a full-time job + a family, I don’t have the time to play more often.  Yet without a full-time job, I wouldn’t have the money to play more often.  Quite the conundrum.  So barring some unforseen financial windfall or a one-in-a-million hot streak at the poker table, I will remain a recreational player.

3) Sports.  I’ve inherited my passion for sports from my father, and my (lack of) ability to actually play them from my mother.  So I am mostly a fan.  My favorite sport is football, partly because it is the sport I was actually a part of in high school and college (as a manager/statistician), and partly because strategy and coaching have so much more of an impact on the game compared to other sports.  Yet I follow a lot of sports, and I will post a lot about college/pro football, specifically Notre Dame and the Chicago Bears; Major League Baseball and the Chicago White Sox; NASCAR and Jeff Gordon; golf and Phil Mickelson, and a wide variety of Olympic/International sports involving Team USA.

4) Indiana. I was born here and have lived here for about 3/4 of my life.  I’ve lived in and travelled through every part of the state except the Evansville area.  It’s not a big-name state on the national stage, but I am very proud of my state and I really like it here.  I made it priority when making career choices and in my (very long) search for a wife that living in Indiana would be a part of my long-term future.  That said, my favorite city in the world is Chicago, so I will stretch the borders of my favorite state by just a few miles to include my favorite city.

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Why Thirteen Forty-two?   1 comment

 Well, thirteen and forty-two are my favorite numbers.  I like thirteen because when it comes to pop culture, I’m a contrarian.  I tend not to like something that everybody else is caught up in, though I do eventually come around on some of those things (such as starting a blog).  Thirteen is considered to be an unlucky number, so as a contrarian I like it.  I like forty-two because I’m a fan of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, though I also like forty-two because it is the product of the lucky/divine number seven and the unlucky/evil number six, much like humanity is the product of the divine creator and the evil world (and for all I know, that could be why Douglas Adams picked the number to begin with).  It has nothing to do with the year 1342, and I will save you the trip to Wikipedia and tell you that the most interesting event of that year was Clement VI succeeding Benedict XII as pope (which I’m guessing means that it’s also the year that Benedict XII died).

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