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November 17, 2017: Full Circle   Leave a comment

“Back and better than ever”
-Mike Greenberg, thousands of mornings from 2000-2017

Note: I really wanted this post to be more timely, but it’s been a very hectic several weeks.  I hope to get one or two more posts out today after this one because I have a lot on my mind.

On September 27, 1999, when I started my career with the US Census Bureau at the Chicago Regional Office, ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning was still fourteen weeks away from debuting.  It would be another sixteen weeks before I discovered the show that got me through my morning commute to the Census Bureau in three different cities over the next 17½ years.

Friday, November 17, marked the end of one era and the beginning of another.  As ESPN goes through a series of reorganizations of on air talent and programming, that day was the last day that Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg hosted their iconic morning show together before moving on to new and separate shows.  It was also the same day that, due to my previous decision to transfer back to the Chicago Regional Office, our family moved into our new home in Munster, Indiana.

On both the first and last days I ever listened to Mike & Mike in the Morning, I commuted back and forth to the same office (though the office itself did move in the meantime).  While their show was a constant for all those years, my life sure did change quite a bit.  I went from being single and living alone to married with two kids, and too many ups and downs along the way to count.

While I have been very frequently been sternly reminded by a higher power, usually through messages delivered by others, that I am not in full control of my life, I do both hope and believe that I am now settled in a home that will see my kids graduate from high school and my eventual retirement.  While I have visited, semi-regularly attended, and regularly attended many churches over the years, for the first time I’m actually attending a church that I truly feel called to be a part of.  I very strongly believe that I am where I am for a very important purpose, though I don’t know exactly what that is yet.

I’m anxious to reach the point where I’m ‘settled in’ and can start getting more involved in my church and community.  If you live in the Munster/Hammond/Lansing area and happened upon this post I’d love to make some local connections via Facebook and/or LinkedIn.


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Major Announcement   3 comments

Ever since my parents took me to my first White Sox game when I was 9, I’ve loved Chicago.  I always imagined I would end up living there someday.  I considered going to college at DePaul before choosing Notre Dame.  I almost went to graduate school at UIC before settling on Michigan State.  I did eventually end up in Chicago for 5½ years when I began my Census Bureau career.  When I left by accepting a transfer to Maryland, and then to here in Southern Indiana, I thought I would be back.  Twelve years and two kids later, the idea of returning to Chicago began to seem less and less likely.

However, and opportunity has presented itself, and after some very serious and careful consideration, I have decided to accept a transfer back to the Census Bureau’s Chicago Regional Office, located in Oak Brook.  Nearly all of the details are yet to be worked out, but my first day there is tentatively scheduled for Monday, August 21.  My eleven years of working for the Bureau’s Jeffersonville (NPC) office have been both rewarding and challenging, and I feel that I am at a point in my career where I need a change of scenery.

We have just barely begun the process of looking for a new home, so I can’t yet tell you where we will be living, but we are focused on the western portions of Lake County, Indiana.  As a native Hoosier, I am partial to my home state and living in Illinois doesn’t seem terribly appealing right now.  Still, I want the commute to not be any lengthier than necessary, thus western Lake County.  I will provide more details once they are determined.

Even though I’ve lived in Southern Indiana for 11 years now, I’ve always favored the northern part of the state over the southern.  There are people and things about this area that I will miss, but the opportunity to take full advantage of everything Chicago far outweighs that for me.  More/better cultural opportunities, closer to White Sox games, closer to Notre Dame football games (which only becomes relevant after they wake up and ditch their coach) and closer to a beach.  Also, you may find this weird, but I’m very excited to be moving back to the Central Time Zone, which is what all of Indiana should be on anyway.

My wife and children have developed strong bonds that will have to be severed, and I am very appreciative that they are supporting this move as one that will be best for the family even though not their personal preference.  My wife will have to leave a job and co-workers that she absolutely loves.  The kids will both have to change schools again, leave behind friends, and find new Cub and Girl Scout packs/troops.  I want to especially thank the babysitters, preschool teachers, elementary school teachers, Sunday school teachers and scout leaders who have all been a very important influence on the first 9 and 7½ years of our children’s lives.  Perhaps the most important challenge that my wife and I face in this move is finding and selecting the right people to fill these new roles for our children.

While there are still a lot of uncertainties that are the source of anxiety right now, I am very excited to start the next chapter of my career and life.  I have updated and will continue to update my About page as we sort out exactly where we are going to live.



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Praying Is Something We Do In Our Time   Leave a comment

Praying is something we do in our time, the answers come in God’s time

Father Cavanaugh, in the movie Rudy

 I don’t know whether or not Father Cavanaugh ever said such a thing in real life, but in either case I’m very glad that line was in the movie, especially since I am very much not a patient person by nature.  It’s a movie that connects with me for obvious reasons.  Even after seeing it dozens of times, I still tear up during the scene where Rudy opens his acceptance letter from Notre Dame, just like I teared up when I received my own acceptance letter from Notre Dame on December 14, 1991.

 For those of us who pray, I think the line is a very important reminder regardless of how you feel about Rudy or Notre Dame.  It’s very easy to get discouraged when we pray for something and it doesn’t happen right away.  God has a bigger plan and sometimes those answers take weeks, months, and sometimes even years.

 Since this is MLK day, a good example to use is the fight for equality in this country.  A whole lot of people have been praying for generations for equality and fair treatment in this country.  Progress has never been as rapid as it should have been, but God has been busy changing the hearts that need to be changed to bring about the needed progress, and it is clear that more hearts still need to be changed.

 I think back on my own life where I have had to wait an awful long time for answers to prayers.  I prayed to God for a wife for years before my prayer was answered.  If my prayers had been answered any earlier, I wouldn’t have the wonderful wife I have today.  Sometimes the answers come in different forms than we are expecting.  I have been praying for years for a more satisfying job situation.  My assumption was that this was going to come in the form of a new job.  The jury is still out, but it’s possible that God’s answer is improving the situation at my current job.

 So every time I find myself in a situation where I am praying for something, I need to remind myself that the answers will come on God’s schedule and not my own.


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95 Pounds in 95 Weeks   1 comment

On May 23, 2010, I weighed 465 pounds.  Yes, that is correct, four hundred sixty-five pounds.  It was only by the grace of God that I did not have major cholesterol, blood sugar, triglyceride, or other serious problems.  Two days later, I had adjustable gastric banding surgery. My original goal was to lose 200 pounds in four years, which would get me down to 265, and then reassess the potential for further weight loss.  The good news is that so far I have lost 105 pounds.  The bad news is that it has taken me 242 weeks to do so.

I have relied too much on the restrictive properties of the band to lose the weight and not enough on changing my diet and exercise habits.  I don’t want to take another 200+ weeks to lose the last 95 pounds, and in many ways I really can’t afford to do so.

I have made a promise, to God, to my myself, and to my wife to lose those 95 pounds in 95 weeks or less.  I really think I can do it in 64 weeks, but my promise is to be at or below (and stay at or below) 265 pounds by November 3, 2016.  A good reference for this date is that it is five days before the 2016 Presidential Election.  Notice that my promise did not say that I am going to try to do this.  As a very wise man once said, “Try not.  Do . . . or do not.  There is no try.”


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Pomp and Circumstance   Leave a comment

Personal posts about myself and my family are generally reserved for Facebook where the audience is a bit more controlled, but today is an exception.  As of this very moment, my wonderful, beautiful wife is a college graduate, and I want to tell everybody who will listen how proud I am of her.  She has completed an Associate’s degree in Respiratory Therapy and is ready to begin an exciting career.

Long before we ever met each other, our lives took very different paths.  I was among the very fortunate who was able to complete a college degree right after attending high school.  While I was in college, I had no real responsibilities other than finishing college.  I did choose to work part time to reduce the amount of student loans I had to take out, but I didn’t have to work.  I also had no responsibility for any spouse/partner, children, or anybody else.

My wife, on the other hand, had to deal with much more on her plate.  She began pursuit of her degree with two toddlers and a husband.  It was an entirely different world than what I experienced as a college student.  Even as somebody who lived through it with her, I don’t think even I can understand what kind of challenge this is.  I know if I tried to picture myself pursuing a degree right now I don’t see how it could be possible.  Homework and studying for tests had to be balanced with being a partner in raising children and managing a household requires a special level of discipline.

Congratulations, and I love you more than words can express.

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What Black Friday Means to Me   Leave a comment

I love football, I love turkey, and I love mashed potatoes.  So it makes sense that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year.  My mother’s family has a very unusual tradition of bowling on Thanksgiving morning.  It even made the local news three years ago when we celebrated the 50th anniversary of bowling on Thanksgiving.  I have many fond memories from childhood of bowling in the morning and then watching the Detroit Lions lose during/after a wonderful feast.  Of course, even 33 years later, nothing tops the 1980 game (go to 6:20 in the clip).

On the flip side, I am quite impatient, so I don’t like waiting in lines or in traffic.  I also don’t like large crowds.  So it makes sense that the day after Thanksgiving is my least favorite day of the year.  I’ve never participated in any sort of Black Friday shopping.  As the years have gone by, my anti-Black Friday habits have gotten more extreme.  I’m at the point now where I don’t like to go anywhere on that day.  Every year there seem to be more and more stories on the news about people being trampled or beaten at stores, and stuff being stolen out of cars in parking lots.  It just seems to me that the safest thing to do is stay inside and watch football, though there aren’t any really good Friday games on tap this year.

Does anybody else have any anti-Black Friday traditions?

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Furloughed: Hour 383   Leave a comment

Just a little over one hour short of 16 full days since I received my furlough letter, I am headed back to work.  Much to my surprise, Todd Young did vote in favor of the bill.  I don’t know if he really felt like he was doing the right thing or just felt the pressure of default.  In either case, it’s probably asking too much for him to reach out directly to the people he’s hurt tremendously in the last 16 days.  Even though Federal employees will get back pay for the lost time, many others have permanently lost income during this time.  I don’t think anything Todd thinks he and his friends have ‘gained’ through this process is worth what we’ve had to endure.  I sincerely hope that the people of his district keep this in mind next November.

You can see a complete list of the House roll call vote here.

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