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I am married to a respiratory therapist and together we are the parents of a 4th grade boy and 2nd grade girl.  I have worked for the US Census Bureau since 1999, and like many of our agency’s professionals, I am a numbers geek.  I previously worked for Census Bureau offices in Westchester, IL; Suitland, MD; and Jeffersonville, IN.  I currently serve as Assistant Regional Director of the Oak Brook, IL, office.  I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame and a master’s degree from Michigan State University, both in mathematics.  [I always joke that one day, I will get a Ph.D from Ohio State and become the ultimate University of Michigan hater.]  Our family attends a really cool church in Hammond.  I am politically moderate.  Some of my views are far too conservative for me to be a Democrat, yet the rest of my views are far too progressive for me to be a Republican.

As you will find in this blog, when I am not spending time with my family, my job, or my church, my interests include playing poker, watching and attending sporting events (fan of Notre Dame, White Sox, Bears, Phil Mickelson, and Team USA in almost any sport), and musical and comedic theater.  I am also somewhat of a geography and road geek.

In addition to this blog, I can be found on LinkedIn and on Facebook.

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Posted September 14, 2011 by Andrew Cabiness

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