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Yes, it’s about time I made an actual post on this blog, but this post is about time.  Time zones are a very sensitive subject in Indiana.

When the Federal government first established time zones in 1918, Indiana was placed in the Central Time Zone.  This actually made sense, since the natural dividing line between the Eastern (5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time [GMT]) and Central (6 hours behind GMT) is longitude 82.5 degrees West, or an imaginary line cutting through Ohio just east of Columbus.  In 1967, Indiana (except the NW and SW corners) was moved to the Eastern Time Zone, putting the state an hour ahead of its natural time.

Then, in 2006, Indiana began observing Daylight Savings Time (DST), which means that between mid-March and early November, the state is two hours ahead of its natural time.  If you commute to a job and/or have kids commuting to school before 8 a.m., you should see what this does to the mornings, using Fowler, Indiana as an example:

January 3, 2011–Sunrise: 8:13, Sunset: 5:34

March 14, 2011 [first weekday during DST]–Sunrise: 8:04, Sunset: 7:54

April 22, 2011–Sunrise: 7:01, Sunset: 8:35

August 17, 2011–Sunrise: 7:01, Sunset: 8:46

November 4, 2011 [last weekday during DST]–Sunrise: 8:22, Sunset: 6:44

So, because of observing DST on top of being in the Eastern Time Zone, we are getting sunrises after 7 a.m. for nearly all of the school year and after 8 a.m. for a good chunk of it.  The folks at are tracking accidents that injure Hoosiers during these dark morning commutes and have other resources on why the Eastern Time Zone is bad for Indiana.  Please check out what they have to say on the issue, especially this document about schools and education:

Comments are encouraged!  I’d love for this blog to be more than just a one-way conversation.


Posted October 12, 2011 by Andrew Cabiness in Indiana

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  3. Having grown up in the Central Time Zone in Evansville, I have never understood why the rest of Indiana is in Eastern – even when it was just for part of the year. Makes no sense to me at all.

    Thanks for sharing the Central Time Coalition website. I didn’t know it existed!

    Oh – and welcome to the blogosphere. Kick your shoes off and stay a while.


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